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Hello! Welcome to Live In Balance – Health, Life Coaching & Yoga

I’m Christine, your Health and Life Coach and Yoga instructor. You might be questioning if this is the perfect timing, or if you’re ready for this commitment…to invest in yourself. The answer is…you are worth it! And, yes, you are worth the investment to yourself…for a healthier, energized, and self-fulfilled balanced yo
I know this from experience. Not only will you find a place of peace, clarity, healthy wellbeing, and direction…you will thrive!
One thing you cannot control is TIME.
There will never be a perfect time. Time is one commodity that you cannot control; however, you do have options and the power to choose. I understand how scary it may be to be uncertain of the unknown and to dream of the ‘impossible’; but, don’t think that you need to go it alone.
This is where I come in as your coach. I have many years of education and experience in life, having been adopted, having rehabilitated from several serious car accidents, having owned a brick & mortar business, and thriving after divorce, my passion is to help people to reconnect their body with their mind and to develop a perspective on their health and their life. I understand first hand how life may throw challenges at you, but we have choices to move forward and to be the best that we can be. 
I am here to help you achieve your goals, as big or as small as they may be. I am here to cheer you on, support you, and challenge you, providing you with tools, strategies, resources, options, a plan, support for habit change, and accountability. 
I am also here to help you believe in yourself and to trust that you and your goals are important…that YOU matter…and that you will achieve. Look at FEAR as what it really is…False Evidence Appearing Real. 
With my help, and your newfound courage to take action and develop lasting habit change, you will overcome fear and push away the critter brain that is in your way to accomplish your goals. When you succeed, we both succeed!    
Due to online capabilities, I can coach clients and teach yoga all over Canada, the USA, and internationally. 
Gift Certificates are available for purchase if you know of someone who may benefit in my services.
Looking forward to working with you!



Certified Health & Life Coach
Certified 500-hour Restorative Yoga Instructor
Masters of Education & Bachelor of Arts 
Certified & practicing professional educator for children & adults for over 25 years 
Christine agreed to be my Life Coach at the beginning of the Pandemic. The self-isolation was causing a significant amount of distress and anxiety in my life. I was finding it somewhat difficult to deal with.
We agreed to 12 one-hour sessions over the phone and started by identifying the various issues I wanted to deal with. Christine quickly identified the relevant issues and helped me develop strategies to deal with them. As a result of her efforts and coaching, I developed a regular exercise routine which included some beginners Yoga, stretching exercises, walking, etc.. She also helped develop a schedule which I could follow on a daily basis. This assisted me greatly as I am a procrastinator by habit.

She also dealt with my eating habits and identified the various foods I could introduce into my diet, such as eating more vegetables. She was very good in identifying the resources and reading materials that I could utilize.

ON balance, I feel that Christine’s intervention and coaching greatly increased my quality of life and enabled me to deal with the situation I found myself in. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that finds in need of some assistance in dealing with the challenges that life presents us.”                                                        – Sukh A.                                                     

 “Christine understands the emotional toll a divorce takes on people’s lives. With a long-term view of the process, Christine supports clients with resources and information in a compassionate manner.”                                                                                    – Anonymous, Burnaby –